Consistent focus on delivering excellence services...

Our products

1. Synthetic base oil
2. Linear Alpha Olefin base oil
3. Hydrotreated Middle Distillate base oil

Our services

We provide the following services:

1. Type of transportation containers:

  • ISO tank, Flexi tank, Tote tank, IBC tank and Steel drum

  • 2.Type of transports:

  • Shipping, Railway, Trucking and Air freight

  • 3. Logistic works:

  • Forwarding, Railway, Custom Clearance, Loading / Unloading and Packaging

  • 4. Engineering Services:

  • Tank cleaning

  •

    Welcome to DBaseOil

    Drill Base Oil Resources SB (DBaseOil) is one of the most efficient and flexible Oil & Gas services provider company in Asia.

    Distributor for SK-DF1

    Our company is the exclusive distributor for the promotion, marketing and sale of this unique and special base oil, SK-DF1. This fluid has high flash point with lower odor and levels of toxicity suitable for higher exposure limits. It has very low aromatic content which minimizes risks from exposure. The unique properties will find applications in a wide range of industry from drilling (as drilling fluid), diluents, metal forming, rust prevention and etc.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide quality base oils, chemicals and services in the most efficient and responsible manner to generate outstanding customer and shareholder value while remaining committed to the principles of sustainability.

    Our Strategy

    DBaseOil focuses on sustainable solutions based on time-tested business practices. The core element of our business strategy is:

    "Consistent focus on delivering excellence services"

    We recognize that strong business strategies only work with excellence services, so we work to increase efficiency and flexibility while preserving product quality excellence.

    Our Portfolio
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